Future Planning | 3 Factors To Consider When Getting Your Will Ready

Posted on: 19 December 2016

Making a will is a smart way to divide your assets without creating any confusion amongst your loved ones later. If you're planning to get your will ready in anticipation of an unlikely situation, you'll need to consider these factors to ensure that the interests of you and your family are well protected even if you're not around. Who Will Get Custody Of Any Dependents? If you're a single parent with small children or dependents, then you'll likely need to appoint someone in writing to get custody of them.
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How To Provide For Your Pets When You Die

Posted on: 19 October 2016

If you own family pets, you might be concerned about what fate would befall them if you were to die first.  This is something that you could address when making your will.  Read on for more information. How pets are defined by the law According to the law, pets are defined as personal chattels.  The term covers pretty much everything that you own from your car and house contents to your dog, cat or canary.
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Runaway Bride: Who Owns The Ring When You Say I Don't?

Posted on: 9 November 2015

It is natural to have nerves before your wedding day, but when the nerves turn to serious doubt and you decide to call off the wedding, there is a lot to be sorted in the aftermath. While your pretty engagement ring will no longer be worn, it may represent part of your joint property assets, and you need to know your legal rights about who now owns what in your relationship.
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Not-So-Minor Considerations that Will Matter during Divorce

Posted on: 6 October 2015

Divorce is a trying and emotional period for both partners dissolving the marriage as well as the family. This is why most people make a lot of costly mistakes at this time. Many times, these mistakes lead them to feel like they got a raw deal or were unprepared for their divorce. To avoid such a feeling, several minor considerations can be made. With the help of a family law expert, you should carefully do the following during your divorce preparation and case period.
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